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Hi you all,

my name is Sarah and I am in my 30s. This blog is dedicated to a plethora of ideas on various topics starting from technology and endind with topics such as tourist attractions and even health issues.
In my personal and private life I work as a senior secretary in a law firm.

I would like to start with a technological topic: iphone

I would like to ask whether iPhone5 is available for pre-order in China?

If you are an iPhone fan and are waiting eagerly to pre-book the new edition of iPhone i.e. iPhone 5,
then you can do so now; but through a Chinese website.

With only a deposit of about $160, you can pre-book the iPhone now on Taobao, which is a kind of
clearing house for all sorts of retailers. The best part is you can order about
anything on this site that hasn’t been announced officially to the world.

The hype around the iPhone 5 is unprecedented, and if you are a die-hard fan of Apple products,
then Taobao offers you the opportunity to pre-book your phone right away. With
this scheme available, you can get the newest edition of iPhone before it hits
the stores of US.

The Taobao sellers have guaranteed their customers that they will get the phone from US when that go on
sale and give it to their customers. 



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