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Twitter Comes to Not So Smart Phones
Twitter was one of the first services to be available on all sorts of phones, smart phone or not, you could still access twitter through your phone via an SMS service provided by Twitter.
However, with the advent of smart phones and its apps, people no longer depend on these services. However, what about other phones? Keeping this thought in mind, Twitter has decided to expand its base
into the non-smart phone market.
Twitter has struck a deal with two companies- Media Tek and Nokia to provide the Twitter app to every phone – phones that are not classified as smart phones but are known as feature phones. These phones comewith essential features and a limited set of apps.
The Twitter app will be available on all the Nokia 40 series phones while Media Tek will install this app right on to its middle ware.
Feature phones comprise of about 70 percent of the mobile market and with the Twitter announcement, feature phones sales are bound to report an upsurge.


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