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Extreme Tourism

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Visit Buzau, Romania for Extreme Sports
The county of Buzau has become widely well-knownfor adventure tourism. Located just 120 km from Bucharest, this country attracts the likes of professional athletes, sports men and a horde of tourists
across the world.
With plentiful of forest and hills and mountains, Buzau has earned a reputation for adventure activities like mountain biking, diving, rafting, paragliding and even bouldering. An annual festival takes
place here capturing the very essence of Buzau.
This Enduro World Championship is scheduled to take place in Buzau that will highly promote it as a world-class destination for adventure tourism. Canyoning in Basca Mare and Mountain Lake diving on the
Black Lake are truly unforgettable experiences.
There are several activities that you can choose from doing in Buzau. Sailing, rafting, diving- name the activity and you can do it all here. Besides, there are team packages and group tours that you can opt
for if you have come with your group.

Rafting in Bazau

Rafting in Buzau


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