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The Dead Sea

One of the most attractive places in the holy land is the Dead Sea. The sea itself is located in the lowest place in the world. The whole area is a desert with breath taking views. There are beautiful oases in this area, one of which is Ein Gedi with its natural spring that create a little paradise of plants and trees in the middle of the desert waste.

Yet the most attractive of all is the Dead Sea with high concentration of salt, you cannot sink and you float upon the water. You actually can lie in the water and read the newspaper. It is unbelivable.
In addition, the sea contains various minerals with proven health quality that are highly recommended for skin diseases.

The sea shore is marked by luxurious hotels that offer very comfortable accommodation, varioius spa treatments and health clinics for those who came to the Dead Sea for health purposes.

The Dead sea is a highly recommended tourist destination.

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